About me

img_1337I am an ESL teacher who loves a challenge, which is a very good thing in this profession. I live in NC, but am originally from the snowbelt in OH, and love to explore new places, ideas, cultures, and languages. I’m also a freelance graphic recorder and avid visual notetaker (edu-sketcher!).  I’ve got a few degrees, but know there is a TON I do not know, so it’s a grand thing to be a lifelong learner!

I’m a National Board Certified Teacher (ENL) and an active member of the Center for Teaching Quality, the International Forum for Visual Practitioners, NCAE, and TESOL/ Carolina TESOL . I’ve been teaching for 20+ years, both overseas and stateside, and love learning about how the brain learns. I have an 11-year old son, a newly adopted stray pup, and a rescue cat.

I love languages, traveling, learning new things, exploring, running, reading, writing, lettering, edusketching,  weightlifting, inline skating, “adventuring”, unplugging, beekeeping, and life in general.


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