Grateful for the Goodness of Others

An inspirational NC sunset. Thanks, M2 (Loretta!), for the photo.

Thanks, M2 (Loretta!), for the photo of an inspirational North Carolina Coastal sunset.

You know when you have those dangerously swimmy feelings of indomitability? You know, the kind where, no matter what might happen, the gratefulness you have for the staples in your life will carry you through?

Yeah, that’s how I feel as I look back at 2012. A roller coaster year to be sure. Filled with its ups, downs, and twisty curves, but laden with the exhilaration that normally goes with that kind of ride.

I’ve learned new skills, deepened my relationship with my son, recaptured a lost part of me, taken risks and regained confidence in the process…I’ve made concerted efforts to appreciate the relationships in my life, and spend more time with those who matter most to me. I’ve focused on simplifying the material part of my world, and not hiding my pure gratefulness at the goodness in others.

I’ve kept on learning, but more importantly, sharing what I have learned. Getting better at that, but for 2013, my goal is to catalyze success for others. As a teacher, a mom, a woman, and someone blessed with the will to work hard and embrace opportunities, I plan to pass on the wealth, to elevate the good in others so that they, too, will feel confident to pursue their own path to success. Would love for others to join me in this journey.

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox
Today’s prompt: “What are you grateful for this year?”

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