Join me on an adventure…

Brain-based learning, eh? What does it mean for me as a teacher? How can I apply what The Neuroscientists have been discovering in record amounts since the 90’s, the Decade of the Brain?

And hey, what’s new about it?

Those are just some of the questions that have spurred me to delve into some of the literature, findings, and books galore that are trending within neuroscience. My goal is to filter some ideas, see what’s applicable, experiment with some findings in my own classroom, and determine what’s worth passing along. Writing about it, for me, will help solidify my learning, so I’m inviting you and your cranial innards on this journey to read, question, and wonder right along with me. Question my writing, the research, the experiments I try–all of it will help my learning as a teacher, and my students as we “learn about learning” and tweak in the name of improvement.

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